Draft One Page Campaign Opener – The Sprawl

Once distant, separate settlements near the last oases in the World Desert, the Sprawl is now a huge mess of streets, avenues and boulevards carved from the blasted rocks and sands.
The Sprawl is a city that would take weeks to walk across, home to fantastic races, the Guilds, and the Inquisition.
Most folk make do, but some prefer to make noise.

Hardier souls still venture out past the walls, eager to search for lost ruins of the World That Was and return with treasure. Most meet a grisly end in the scorching heat, or worse as a meal for the twisted things that call the Blasted Wastes home.
Sometimes critters from the Wastes manage to make it inside the walls, and then all hell breaks loose!

Take a seat in the Sunken Spirits Tavern, listen to stories of the kindly Drum and the enigmatic Clockmaker, try not to fall foul of the Everqueen and her Masked Order.

The Sprawl is a gritty fantasy setting for D&D 5E, with plenty of scope for different play styles from Western Marches games to Noir investigations to Gonzo Urban adventures.

The Sprawl uses several optional rules from Unearthed Arcana and Eberron and Ravnica supplements, so Goblin Arcanoscientists and Minotaur Pyromancers can be as commonplace as High Elf Wizards and Human Clerics.

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