Draft One Page Campaign opener – Sky Island Saga

Almost a thousand years ago, conflict between the Gods of Light and the Gods of Darkness tore the world asunder.
Legends speak of the time before this event, when all of the world was held together beneath one sky, and power of flight was a dream to most races.
Now the world a great stretch of skies, with islands floating throughout.

The highest islands are the domains of the Gods of Light and their followers, the lowest below to the Gods of Darkness and their twisted creations.
The layers between fall to the common folk, who fly through the skies under the power of new magical vehicles – skyships!

The Sky Islands Sagas is a romantic fantasy setting for D&D 5E focusing on swashbuckling adventure, exploration and social interaction.

Whether fighting opportunist sky pirates or the agents of the Gods of Darkness, adventurers in the Sky Islands Sagas choose to work for the good of their compatriots and the common good.

Whilst any race can represent the good in people, and Sky Islands Sagas is an egalitarian setting where actions speak volumes, some races have been changed by contact with the warring factions.
Elvish subraces include Avariel and Shadar-Kai, Dwarvish include Duergar and Azer, the Aarakocra and the Kenku were once the same race, as were Dragonborn and Kobolds.
Human nature has given rise to both Shifters and Changelings, as well as Aasimar, Tieflings and Genasi.

With a steampunk feel to much of the setting, Artificers, Warforged and Aetherborn are also not out of place.

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