Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Hollow World

Within the Hollow World, vast continents and seas are the home of great empires, crumbling ruins, forgotten masters and wise scholars.

The ancient Pillars of Heaven hold the Sun high in the centre of the Hollow World, basking all the surface in the slowly blinking light.
To scale the Pillars of Heaven is an almost impossible task, though some legends state the gods themselves attained their godhood this way.

Some few willing to take the adventure of climbing a Pillar might meet Dragons, Asuras, Oni, nature spirits and more. Most return to the world below still mortal, though changed from their experiences.

The widlife of the Hollow World includes many large beasts who have been domesticated by the various empires for industry and war. Whilst the War Mammoths of the steppe are a sight to behold, the giant Saurian war parties are almost as terrifying as their wild Saurian cousins.

Hollow World is a heavily house-ruled Dungeons and Dragons 5e setting inspired by Oriental Adventures, Kara-Tur, and East- and South-Asian mythology.

Players take on the role of Humans, Korobukuru, Spiritfolk, Vanara, Ganesha (Loxodons), Kenku, Rakshasa, Naga, Kitsune and Hengeyokai, and can play as Wu Jen, Boddisatvas, Devapalas, Kshatriyas, Kensei and Sohei.

Watch out for those dinosaurs!