Draft One Page Campaign Opener – FATEPunk

“A corporate state in the Pacific successfully built a space elevator, and now a thriving country based around global trade of imported resources from space and a highly educated workforce.

Mexico, The Western Republic and Independent Texas lead a group of South and Central American states in a further construction effort, aided by the New United Nations and several Megacorps.
Unfortunately the Empire of America have caused all kinds of delays between political subterfuge and outright sabotage, so progress remains slow.

Off the coast of East Africa, following huge natural disaster and a continental and global investment in infrastructure, the African Union successfully constructed their own Pan-African Space Elevator near what used to be Mogadishu.
With resources poured in from Federal Europe, the New United Nations, China, India and several Arab countries, the African Union now administers the cosmopolitan Rift Valley Metroplex, New Mogadishu and a large industrial complex.”

Of course, this is all what the AU want you to focus on.

This isn’t an ideal world where everything is lush and green. This isn’t some cosmopolitan dream of Africa, this is a mess.
There’s Gangs on the streets and out at sea, using some old Somali pirate skills to keep some of the old Lift Constructor Boats afloat.
They don’t tell you that the streets are patrolled by UN and AU soldiers, that the Commission for Development has all the power the Corps don’t.

Don’t even get me started on the suits and ties driving around like they own the place, just because their Chinese Corp built the housing or their Indian Corp runs the power.
Which of them built the slums? Who dug the wells and storage tanks from old pipes and plastic tubs? Which of them finds the medicine when the Implant Shakes start?

FATEPunk is a cyberpunk game using the FATE rules, either FATE Core or Fate Accelerated, inspired by the Ghost in the Shell series, Black Lagoon, Afrofuturism, Neonpunk, Black Panther, Cyberpunk 2030 and Cyberpunk 2077.

Players are out to look after themselves and make a Rand or two, whilst dealing with a system that by-and-large doesn’t care about them.

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