More site changes and a new challenge

If you’ve been paying attention to my site for a while, you might have seen a couple of tweaks recently. Here’s what’s changed.

I’ve added a Resources section. I’m going to use this area for my Appendix ï section, a collection of links to great resources, and a new Downloads section.
The downloads are a work in progress – I’ll be putting stuff here that I’ve built on GM Binder for now, since I don’t have a lot else done. Eventually I might have some other stuff here.

I’ve also split my settings page up a little – now we have the homebrew section for settings I’ve come up with myself and the published settings section for those borrowed from other people/companies that I also like to play in.

Finally, the collected posts have changed around slightly to make it easy to find stuff I’ve put together as a series.

Now, the new challenge – I’ve signed up to the RPG Write Workshop course for the month of November – I’m going to write and publish an actual adventure.
My current hope is that it’s good, but honestly I’d be happy that it comes together at all. I want the practice for passion projects that take forever because I’m terrible at planning this stuff out.

I haven’t selected a likely candidate yet. Options so far are a jaunt down a haunted mineshaft for Out West, a solo adventure set in Planescape as a courier delivering a message to the far side of Sigil, or repelling of nasty beasties before they ruin midwinter in Ostromarka or more likely the Sprawl.

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