Back after a long break

So, it’s been a while!

I still have a couple of posts to finish up with Loge and Planescape. There won’t be any more going forward after that.
Over Christmas, our DM passed, so we had a bit of a rejig. And then, after calling out one of our players on a particularly homophobic joke (it was actually his job as organiser at the Meetup to make sure stuff like that didn’t happen), all hell sort of broke loose and he went off to start his own Meetup group.

Meeting at the same time, in the same place, with an incredibly similar group name.
I wish him luck, since wishing he’d apologise for his behaviour doesn’t really seem likely any more.

So, I haven’t felt like writing since Christmas, and coupled with a baby crawling around the place (and now tentatively walking – eek!) I’ve been telling myself I just didn’t have the time.
We’ve also now moved, and we’re stuck with a bunch of stuff still left in the old place and a cleanup needing to be done, but also still working during the pandemic (being essential workers), so I don’t have much extra time to contribute to doing anything new.

But writing isn’t new, so I want to try and get back to it, as much as I can.

So what do I have in the works?
I’m going to try and get a few more of my Draft One Page Campaign Openers done. I have another ten or so sat as drafts that I’m working on, or that I’ve at least created the post title for.
If I get any more actual play done – current unlikely, thanks Covid-19 – then I’ll try and put something together that way.
I was also debating some kind of One Page Character Ideas, though I’m still working on how viable that is. I haven’t tried to write any in a while, and it’s never fun to start creating characters you’ll never play. I might try summaries of old ones first (though then I of course want to go and play them again!).

Well, we’ll see how I get on.

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