Cutter’s Guide to Planar Locations II – Sigil, City of Doors

Ah, Sigil, the centre of the Multiverse, or so the locals would have you think!

What can one say that hasn’t already filled multiple treatises? For a city of such a small size, there must be be multiple volumes dedicated to each f its many streets, even just to detail all the exotic locales one could visit by stepping through the right doorway.

What is rarely written about, of course, if there there is a place in the City of Doors with no recorded history of interaction with portals in any way, either to other planes, elsewhere in the Outlands, or even to other parts of Sigil itself.
Strangely, that location is short stone post standing at a road junction in the Hive ward.

Those that know it claim that this is the post for which the Knights of the Post are named, though why this would be is anyone’s guess.
It’s strangest and most terrifying quality appears to be that the Dabus are unaware of it. They seem to have no understanding that a short stone pillar is standing in the middle of a roadway and, worse still, those that can make head or tail of their rebuses claim that they can’t see the post when its in front of them!

I have a personal pet theory as to why this might be, though I’m something of a minority in the view – I was even laughed out of several salons for broaching the idea!
I believe that the post, whatever it is, is an important focus for the power that holds Sigil together, and that the Lady is able to hide it from the Dabus so that they don’t damage it somehow whilst maintaining it.
What exactly is to stop any old basher from coming along and trying to knock it down themselves, I wouldn’t have the foggiest. Though nobody has ever tried to, and they have small wars with some buildings in the Hive, so that in itself is an anomaly worth exploring.

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