Another short post

It’s been a busy few weeks so I haven’t had as much chance to write the longer posts that I want to and instead you’ll get a couple of shorter ones for now.

The Storytelling Collective course continues apace. I just about have my encounter written, I need to sort a playtest or at least get a critical eye on it this week. I’ve settled on negotiating the social dynamics of the wedding party of a mobster’s daughter, because why not? He’s a teddy bear though, it’s his right-hand man with a secret agenda the adventurers will need to keep an eye on!

It’s coming up to Eurovision here in Europe, which means a few nights of glitz and songs on TV and fantastic snark on Twitter. Hoping the toddler lets us watch it this year. He was good when he was weeks old, but last year’s was cancelled so not sure how we’ll handle juggling it with bedtime.
Fingers crossed!

It got me thinking of some kind of interplanar competition, maybe not for bards though. Sponsored adventuring parties from each plane braving some kind of terrifying dungeon or battlefield? I’ve made a note to come back to it at some point. Could be fun to have the adventurers represent all of the Prime Material and draw them from lots of different settings.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got going on currently. Hopefully some more to say next time!

Edit: The Glitter Grimoire has officially hit bestseller status on DMsGuild, so it must be doing something right. You should definitely check out my last post about it, and then buy it because I get a very, very small amount for only designing two sales!

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