Glittery Grimoires

Another book that I contributed to is now available on DMsGuild!

The Glitter Grimoire fits into a gonzo D&D niche. All the spells and items are useful, but fit neatly into slapstick, silly, or prank niches.
I wrote two spells for it – a cantrip called Spitball Barrage and a level 2 enchantment spell called Iggwilv’s Incessant Itching. I’m really proud of how they turned out.

And I’m especially astounded at how well the entire product turned out. It’s frankly gorgeous, and everything in there is hilarious and incredibly well written.
There’s references to The Simpsons from a character known only as Terwilliger, there’s a great twist on the goodberry spell called badberry, and there’s items like Double Jump Boots and a Squeaky Warhammer!

And if that’s not enough, someone went and wrote a spell called Create Mimic.
Why haven’t you clicked the link to go and buy it yet?!

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