Cutter’s Guide to Planar Locations

Greetings traveller, and welcome to this humble travel guide of the sights and sites of the Infinite Planes of Existence. Within this series of reference books I hope you’ll find accurate information that aids you in your journey should you choose to ‘hop a portal’ and hang with the ‘bashers, factols, and knights of the post’ found out in the Planes.

First to introductions – this author’s name is Exuberance Toshwidger, though most know me as Master Ube of the Infinite Tome. I have made my life’s work of researching and writing this series of volumes to aid any and all travellers on their way about the Planes. I have travelled them myself extensively, and all the locations and people mentioned are from first-hand account.
I just hope all the information is current should the traveller reading these words encounter the same places and people as I did!

As I make ready for my latest research expedition to the strangest of locales, I urge you to also prepare thyself well, cutter, and read on as we embark on a raucous and roundabout tour of these Infinite Planes of Existence!

– introduction to the most recent edition of Ube’s Unfinished Guide to the Infinite Planes of Existence, added shortly before his disappearance on an expedition into the farthest reaches of the Outlands

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