Designing D&D encounters with the Storytelling Collective

I missed the lead in to advertise it to others, but I’ve signed up for this month’s encounter design class with The Storytelling Collective.

Those of you who’ve been reading a while may remember I wrote my first adventure with the RPG Writer Workshop class, and the Collective is what the Workshop team have now rebranded as. It means more classes in different areas (I really need to check out the marketing class) but otherwise it’s much the same.

So far, I’ve just brainstormed a few different encounters of different pillars of play, but they’ve all ended up having a theme. I may end up developing them all together.

Exploration pillar:
The adventurers need to find access to a wedding without an invite. They’ll have to climb the high walls and sneak their way past the heavily armed guards patrolling the grounds.
Social pillar:
Inside the wedding party, the adventurers must blend in to the crowd whilst also finding and engaging the father of the bride as a patron to aid their current quest. The bride’s father has a coterie of advisors who will not like the adventuring party’s intrusion, for one reason or other.
The adventuring party have offended one of the guests, or their prospective patron, and must now escape the compound. They will unfortunately be blocked from doing so by several armed guards, a barred gate, and potentially officers of the law if they don’t escape quickly.

Now I just have to flesh those out a bit, and maybe see where they overlap.

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