Wrapping up the Encounter Design course

After the month of May finished, I had designed an encounter I was reasonably happy about.


I decided not to publish it.

So there were a few reasons why I ended up not finishing the encounter off to a publishable standard:
1. I wasn’t happy I had enough time to work on the layout and trim the fat of the encounter down to fit a one-page brief.
2. I had a couple of adjacent encounter ideas that I had laid out before finishing off the main idea, so I could quite easily build them into a small adventure.
3. I felt like publishing my work in a bundle of people who hadn’t published anything before was a bit too much.

So my plan is to finish off the other two encounters and build them into one product, and release it later in the summer. When I have time to write, as I’m currently finishing off a Magic the Gathering tie-in, working on a series of magic items and spells focused on domestic uses, and might have to write a system-neutral strange location for another thing.
Before I get back into Princes of the Apocalypse mode and try and finish that off.

Yeah, so much for writing everything during my break from work!

Anyway, expect to hear more about the Wedding Crashers in the near future.
And don’t forget, you can grab my latest release, the Magic Shop Catalogue, over at DrivethruRPG.

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