Crashing the Wedding

As you may recall, I spent the month of May following along with the Storytelling Collective class in D&D Encounter Writing. I finished writing it but didn’t get much of the editing, layout and otherwise sorted at the time (but did find a cool background from Nimgyu).

As of this week, I’ve finally finished it off (to the point I can share it anyway), so please head on over to DMsGuild and pick up my first pay what you want product, Wedding Crashers.
Infiltrate the wedding party of a crime boss’ daughter. Avoid interacting with his guards. Enjoy the magic show!

I drew inspiration from the Godfather, the magician Paul Daniels and his wife Debbie McGee, and wanting to push a social encounter over murderhobo violence.
Why to the adventuring party need to talk to the crime boss? Well, I left that as a blank for the DM.


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