One hundred dollars

A few days after my last post went up after a total of eight months and change, I reached a milestone with sales of things I have written DMsGuild and DrivethruRPG – I’d made $100 in total.

Now I know I could have probably made more with a bit more effort. I’m terrible for not doing enough promotion for my writing. If I’d had some more time, I might have been able to get a bit more writing done too, and therefore more products to make money on, but I’m happy that my main time sink is my toddler.

I’ve noticed that the jump from $50 to $100 was much shorter than that first slog, so I’m hoping the next push for $200 or $250 won’t take as long. I have two collaborations finished up and currently in either layout or editing, and another on the long finger that I’ve written hundreds more words on recently than I have in months.
And then I have some solo things to work on too.

Along with my Utility Tattoos idea, I also have some thoughts for some weird NPCs, a collection of Lawful and Chaotic magic items, and a return to the wild west (maybe). If I can make it work, I have some dragon-themed lineage ideas I want to get done before Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons releases in October. I might have to kick into gear soon to get those done though.

Anyway, that’s my main takeaway from this milestone – power on through and get a lot more written!

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