Magic shops

I mentioned before that I was writing something involving a shop front. Well it’s finally available for purchase!

The Magic Shop Catalogue brings a whole load of different, system neutral ideas for stores (though generally embedded in fantasy) to populate your TTRPG games.

I wrote Pawn’s, a pawn shop run by a horrible man (who says his name is Pawn), a put-upon mage savant named Gordo, and a sentient accounts ledger named Book. There’s a couple of useful services and items in there, as well as some plot hooks for each of the characters and reasons an adventurer would frequent the place too.

You’ll also find a time traveller, a mirror mage, and a tadpole enthusiast as shopkeeps in the book, along with options for necromancers, planar travellers, shapeshifters and fashionistas.

Most importantly, it’s available in Print in Demand!

Get your copy now!

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