Some notes on ongoing projects

Whilst I try and get a few lengthier posts squared away, here’s a quick one to say what I’m currently working on.

After finishing up with Candlekeep Colleagues (now also available for Fantasy Grounds), I’ve been working on a long term collaboration with Czeuch.
He’s become something of a powerhouse on DMsGuild since starting out last year, and has pulled a lot of products together. I’m working at writing one of the Encounters products he’s put together – I hope everyone likes Elementals!

My other project, a rules-neutral shopfront for DrivethruRPG this time, is in the editing phase. I’ll have more on that soon. Other than that, I’ve applied for a couple of collaborations but I’m not expecting to hear back about team selection for a little while yet.

So that leaves me with a lot more time to focus on my own stuff.
I’ve still got some ideas to work together from my old nautical campaign and turn into a few adventures, and a list of plot hook ideas might end up being a product itself, rather than taking the long route and turning them all into fully fleshed-out ideas!
I’ve started brainstorming and adventure for one player facing the world by themselves, either for solo or duet play. It might currently be a bit Planescape-y!
I’ve also started brainstorming a sequel to the Haunted Mine, or more accurately a prequel for lower levels to play through first. It might only be a couple of encounters at this stage, so I might try and polish it up.
And speaking of polishing up, I have to have a go with Affinity Publisher. I bought it during the sale in January and haven’t had much of a look at it yet. It’s on sale again now, if anyone wants to check it out.

Hopefully some of that all comes to fruition soon!

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