Cantrip Tattoos

Whilst working on a project for domestic-leaning magic items and spells, I got to thinking about the magical tattoos presented in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, and specifically that the only usage of cantrips in tattoos was when they were being used in place of scrolls. So I started looking at what makes the other tattoos … Continue reading Cantrip Tattoos

Designing Magic Items

I've been designing a lot of magic items recently, first with a Ravnica or Theros flavour, and now focused on domestic items that non-adventuring Dungeons & Dragons characters might use. The Magic the Gathering items were hard to think of, especially as so many had been created already. Now that I've moved on to the … Continue reading Designing Magic Items

Designing D&D encounters with the Storytelling Collective

I missed the lead in to advertise it to others, but I've signed up for this month's encounter design class with The Storytelling Collective. Those of you who've been reading a while may remember I wrote my first adventure with the RPG Writer Workshop class, and the Collective is what the Workshop team have now … Continue reading Designing D&D encounters with the Storytelling Collective

A quick design breakdown

I thought today, since I've been thinking about it for a while, I'd do a quick design breakdown of the DiceBenedict system that I've been toying with. Specifically, where I stole a bunch of ideas from.So originally it spawned from the idea of a system built using only d12s, but after looking at how the … Continue reading A quick design breakdown