Cutter’s Guide to Planar Locations

Greetings traveller, and welcome to this humble travel guide of the sights and sites of the Infinite Planes of Existence. Within this series of reference books I hope you'll find accurate information that aids you in your journey should you choose to 'hop a portal' and hang with the 'bashers, factols, and knights of the … Continue reading Cutter’s Guide to Planar Locations

Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 16

"Dream" One of my favourite ideas from Eberron is the Plane of Dreams, Dal Quor. The idea that sleeping minds reach out to somewhere like a low level form of folk magic, and that it mimics Astral Travel abilities. Just so cool. I was less pushed by the manifest zones on a material plane, but … Continue reading Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 16