RPG Adventure Writer’s Workshop Fall 2021

Last year, for the month of November, I took part in the RPG Adventure Writer’s Workshop, hosted by what is now Storytelling Collective. It was a lot of fun, and I learnt a lot from it – and it’s given me the chance to write some more things for other people to read.

But I haven’t written another adventure since then.

Before our numbers skyrocketed and it was less advisable to travel, I happened to see a road sign on a recent trip to Galway for a tourist location, and with all of my recent thinking about dragons, it seemed like an obvious adventure location for some dragon-adjacent fun, even if it was really just a glorified tax office.

So, this November, I will be writing “The Hall of the Red Earl”, an adventure with dragons, ghosts, drakes, possibly a dragon-dog (if I have the time to build one) and a nice bit of treasure.
Learning lessons from my first adventure, this will be a lot smaller and more manageable (10k words, almost 3x the recommended word count, was a bad idea for a first project, who knew?), but I will be using stock art from some new sources for the first time. So hopefully this will be a bit prettier than last time!

Wish me luck!

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