Barok’s Miscellany of Dragonblood

Last week, I talked about old editions of D&D I’d been mining for ideas for my new product.
On Wednesday, I published Barok’s Miscellany of Dragonblood for $5 on DMsGuild.

Let’s take a look at what I ended up writing.
The contents of the Miscellany are for both players and dungeon masters, with character options and monsters in good measure.

  • A variant option for dragonborn characters – Chimeric Dragonborn
  • Two new races –  Sentinel Drakes, which i created based on other kinds of drakes in 5e, and Spellscales updated from 3rd edition
  • A new draconic lineage (similar to the dark lineages of Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft) that a player character could pick up during play. Based on Dragonborn of Bahamut in 3rd edition and called the Ux
  • A new background: Draconic Heritage, which relies on a character’s family claiming descent from a dragon, whether they truly are or not
  • A new group patron: The Song Dragon, since I wanted to update them for 5e and they seemed like a good fit for adventuring groups to partner with
  • 15 feats, ranging across breath weapon abilities for those that already have them, racial abilities for those presented in this product, and some for anyone that wants to have a touch of the draconic to their character (including a draconic spirit as a familiar and abilities based on actual distant lineage from a dragon)
  • A new spell – Detect Treasure, which works like detect magic but for piles of coins or individual objects worth more then 500gp
  • 13 new monsters, including five kinds of Dragonspawnthree kinds of Ux, as well as the tiny Huitzil and the predatory Phynxkin (also updates from 3rd edition)

I’m really happy with how it turned out, and given how long I took to make it and some buying of an art asset for the cover, I felt like a $5 price point would suit.
It’s already selling pretty well, and I’ve been approached by Grim Press to turn it into a Fantasy Grounds module, which is nice because it means I don’t have to approach them!

Once again, you can pick it up here and you can find the rest of my DMsGuild and DrivethruRPG publications for sale linked at my carrd.

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