Magic the Gathering decks

Since the end of 2015, I’ve gotten back into Magic the Gathering after roughly an 8 year break.

I started playing right during the switch-over in card art styles that eventually created the Modern format – the changeover from Onslaught to Mirrodin. When I started playing, I was all about Black, and it’s definitely the affinity I’ve kept in the colour pie. I still run a Zombie deck as one of my main, never-going-to-be-broken-apart decks. I had a lot of fun with Affinity and artifacts at the time, and I showed my new playgroup my UB affinity deck a few months ago – they did not like it!
They were similarly unimpressed with Slivers, and that was just the WRG preconstructed deck from Time Spiral.

And now I’ve come back in just as Frontier format is starting to form up. I like the idea, as some of those Modern cards are now way too expensive for me to even take a look at. My new group also plays Commander, so I get to use some of my nice old Legacy and Modern cards and show those off, and finally build some Commander decks myself.

I’ll be posting a few of my decklists here. Feedback appreciated.

[[Commander]] Sidisi Token Tyrant

[[Commander]] Mayael Stompy

[[Commander]] Saskia Warriors Tribal

[[Commander]] Athreos Enchantress

[[Commander]] Ravos/Tana Saprolings

[[Commander]] Ishai/Vial Smasher Grab and Taxes

[[Commander]] Ramos, Spellslinger

[{Commander]] Oh god, it’s Slivers!

[[Casual//Modern]] Zombie Tribal

[[Casual/Legacy]] Soldier Tribal

[{Casual/Legacy]] Clerics Tribal

[[Casual/Modern]] Mardu Affinity

[[Casual/Frontier]] Temur Energy

[[Casual/Frontier]] Mardu Warriors

[[Casual/Legacy]] Rakdos Madness Vampires – though this is possibly being gutted for a Commander deck and might get turned into a Grixis Madness deck