Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Twin Cities

The Twin Cities. The Crossroads. The City of Bridges.

None of the titles of the city truly does it justice. This is a unique point in the world, a crossroads, where those of royal blood are able to visit a strange half-world of an immense, ornate metropolis.
The City Between is accessible from not one but two different worlds – the worlds of both Men and Aelfen, in all the hues that the two races hold, though only by those of royal blood.
Some strange magic means that the City of Princelings only allows a select few to travel to it’s walls, halls, palaces and gardens, or to see it’s misty waterways.

If you’ve ever wondered how the Kings of Men find such fabulous silks to wear or how the Dynasts of Aelfen can fashion such intricate mechanisms for timekeeping, the answer is the trade between the worlds through the Between.

Of course, the strangest quirk of the blessing or curse of the City is that even the smallest drop of royal blood enables one to travel its streets – making even the gutterborn illegitimate children of each world are able to reach there – and to thereby better there station.
After all, why live as outcasts at home when they can live like true princes at the Crossroads? Or even to rise to become one of the Two Doges of the City Adrift and rule it?

One might even be able to unravel the mysteries of the Hobs and how they came to live in their hovels, the only true poor of the City.
Or if any other worlds are touched by the Bridges…?

Twin Cities is an urban fantasy setting for FATE and Fate Accelerated.

Players take on the role of a princeling, able to pass between two of the overlapping cities. They engage in the intrigue and subterfuge of the various factions in order to rise higher in rank themselves, especially those illegitimate princes of the gutters.

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