Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Twixt Flower and Thorn

The invaders were lucky, in some respects.
Their dire portal opened to a meadow in which they could decamp and move large materials easily.
They had brought slave labour in the form of podlings – those changelings they had found in their own realm and destroyed with their dark arcanery.

Had they but arrived in an ice-choked mountain hold or deep in the Highwood or Murkswamp, or the middle of one of the Fair Courts, they would not have survived for nearly long enough to gain their foothold in the Realm.

Now, the invaders belch their poisonous smoke and cast their foul hexes upon the lad, its wildlife and the Fairfolk themselves, waging a war of endless cost to the Realm but seemingly little cost to them.

Aid must be bargained, the Courts must be consorted, and the ancient pacts once again mended, or else the Realm itself may fall to these… Imperials.

Twixt Flower and Thorn is a FATE and Fate Accelerated fantasy setting about an invasion of the Faerie Realm.

Players take on the roles of either a group of invading Imperials – humans, dwarves, tieflings, gnomes – or the defending Fairfolk – elves, orcs, goblins, animalfolk etc – or, perhaps, a mixed group struggling to survive both sides.
An Imperial adventure would focus on the strangeness of the Faerie Realm, and whether the invasion is justified or not. They have the backing of steel and dark magic.
A Fairfolk adventure would focus on the strangeness of the invaders, their poisoning of the Realm, and the rallying of allies from distant Courts to join the fight.

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