Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Frostpunk

“The old story goes that the world was once a garden, pleasant and mild, neither too hot nor too cold, and at this time all of the peoples of the world were created.
This ain’t that world no more.

Two great powers rose, and fought, one led by the God of Winter, one by the Goddess of Summer, but after a time the war calmed and the world changed. Sometimes it was hot, sometimes cold.
Not that world no more either.

Someone crept into the Summer Palace and killed off the Goddess of Summer. Suddenly, no more warmth except what you make yourself, no more food except what the Seneschals dole out.
A generation ago, that’s what happened to the world.

Now we’ve got to live by their traditions and their words, and do exactly what they tell us.
Well I’ve got a better idea.”

Frostpunk is a setting for Dungeons and Dragons set in a post-apocalyptic ice age caused by the death of Summer Incarnate.

Players take on the roles of Humans, Ice Dwarves, Firbolg, Kenku, Half-Orcs, Frost Elves, Half-Giants, Snow Dragonkin, Bugbears, Minotaurs, Satyrs, Ratfolk, Gnomes and Goblins.

This is a dark setting, and players have to contend with monsters outside the walls of the Mountain Fastness as well as the politics within, under the thumb of the Seneschal and the Priests in Mourning.

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