Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 29


It kind of goes without saying that over time my gaming style has evolved. The world around me has changed, I’ve changed, I’ve learned new things and done new things, so my games in 2010 would be nothing like my games in 2020.

OK, maybe a bit alike. I’d still be running them, I’ve still got notes going back that far that I can attempt to make sense of.

But times change. I’ve already posted about the ongoing issues to bring up during the next session zero I run for D&D.
I’ll be writing a summary post on Session Zero ideas after this month of prompts, but I’ll be looking at things to change or include in that session as well.

Other than the example above, how have my games changed? Well, I’ve played more rules systems and settings now, so I have different ideas that I want to include.
The uniqueness of characters from 13th Age, the playing up to flaws and character concepts from FATE and Vampire the Masquerade / World of Darkness, an acknowledgement that you can play to tropes and still have fun (but also when to invert them!) thanks to Mutants & Masterminds.

I’m looking forward to continued evolution as I discover more ways to do things.

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