Late to A-Z April 2021 Part I

As usual, by the time I realise what time of year it is, I've almost missed it!Here's an A-Z of stuff I want to think about/write about/read about/play with in the next year. A - Awakened!I'm thinking up some ideas for a D&D character that's been awakened by the spell. I haven't decided yet if … Continue reading Late to A-Z April 2021 Part I

Basher’s Guide to Sigil’s Factions – Doomguard

The Doomguard, also known as the Sinkers, are warriors of entropy, seeking to speed up inevitable collapse into chaos or ruin. They represent an ideology of the Negative Energy Plane and it's quasi-planes Ash, Dust, Salt and Vacuum - whilst focus on causing entropy in all forms, others seek to protect its cause and will … Continue reading Basher’s Guide to Sigil’s Factions – Doomguard

Basher’s Guide to Sigil’s Factions – Getting started

Following on from a couple of different posts a while ago on building Sigil's Factions in to D&D 5e, I'm going to take another crack at it as an ongoing series, this time with a bit of an overview of each Faction but focusing much more on the new rules I've built than the old … Continue reading Basher’s Guide to Sigil’s Factions – Getting started

Planescape IV – draft rules for Factions part 2 – Doomguard

Time for one of the longest posts I've written! OK, so let's design some new Faction rules.We'll start with a look at the Doomguard, because I think this one is pretty easy - when we look at the rules from the Planescape Boxed set anyway. Eligibility: All races and alignments accepted - but not clerics … Continue reading Planescape IV – draft rules for Factions part 2 – Doomguard

Planescape III – draft rules for Factions part 1

The Factions are a huge part of the Planescape setting, but fitting them into the 5e rules is more difficult. One option we can go for is renown, as detailed on p.23 Of the Dungeon Master's Guide.The examples for renown focus on the group's available in the Forgotten Realms, and there's only five of those. … Continue reading Planescape III – draft rules for Factions part 1

Factions in the Endless Sea

The problem with the Factions in play in the Endless Sea is that, unlike the Factions in Cambria, they're much more local. The rulers of Lyonesse or Iram of the Pillars or Baochuan or Ravenser Odd - whoever they might be - are going to be factions. The various thieves or political advisors or merchants … Continue reading Factions in the Endless Sea

Factions in Cambria

So far, I've come up with a few factions in play in the world of Cambria, at least the ones that operate over a larger area than a couple of settlements. The Reclaimers The Reclaimers seek to uncover the artefacts of fallen civilisation all around them, in order to determine those that are safe or … Continue reading Factions in Cambria

Factions in the Ginnungagap

The base setting of D&D 5E uses five factions that tie characters to the world with contacts, adventuring goals and potential adventures themselves. The Emerald Enclave, Harpers, Lord's Alliance, Order of the Gauntlet and Zhentarim work for Faerun, but I wanted to have the option for the Ginnungagap, so I thought about modifying the factions … Continue reading Factions in the Ginnungagap