How did it go?

In my last post, I talked about finally stretching my DM muscles for the first time in a long time. How did it go? Short answer is we didn't get too far, but we did play a bit. The longer version is I had a table of five players, two of whom were veterans of … Continue reading How did it go?

A quick explanation of another sudden change

Tried Squarespace. Didn't like it. No support for sidebars, harder to organise stuff, multiple posts lost without the option to rollback. A pain. So back to WordPress.

First post on the new site

Well, here we are. I’ve been toying with the idea of moving stuff to a new address for a while now. Actually try and engage with a more professional look than the WordPress free account can give me. So why the move now? Well, everyone is trying new things during the global pandemic and lockdown.I’d … Continue reading First post on the new site

Not quite a new idea – Planescape

So I'm starting to get withdrawal from my Planescape game. I always wanted to play a game in the setting, and it was a really enjoyable experience. I have a whole host of other settings that I could run a game in, but I think I'd really like to run a planar game now, with … Continue reading Not quite a new idea – Planescape

New Beginnings

So, I've recently started a new job, a little over two hours down the road from where I was living. I've had to drop everything and move a chunk of stuff down, and that means I've also lost the roleplaying group I sort of started a few years ago back there. So now I have … Continue reading New Beginnings