First post on the new site

Well, here we are.

I’ve been toying with the idea of moving stuff to a new address for a while now. Actually try and engage with a more professional look than the WordPress free account can give me.

So why the move now?

Well, everyone is trying new things during the global pandemic and lockdown.
I’d love to try doing some baking or something else practical, but with a one year old running around most of the time (oh wow, he’s running now?), it’s less than practical. It’s much easier to try and write when I have a second – aka during nap time!
There’s also a few other changes going on. Between fatherhood, moving house again, some upheaval amongst my roleplaying groups, it seemed like a good time to uproot.

So, once I work out how to import all my previous posts properly, I should be able to curate them and throw them up here too.
I’m going to try and write some new roleplay material for each of my homebrew settings, and even make it a bit more usable at the same time by being less vague and handwave-y with rules.
I’ve got some stuff currently drafting for low level Planescape by adapting other adventures and I’ll be doing a bit more of a dive on aspects of the setting, NPCs, items and locations. There’s also a “What if…?” where I finish off Loge’s adventures in a bit more of a satisfying way.
There’s still more One Page Campaign Openers to come. They’re feeling a lot more like setting briefs, or a Session Zero opener now. I may have to rename them.
There’s still more A-Z posts for FATEPunk to come (I think I got to C with the latest version) though they were always difficult to stick to – I’d know what I wanted to write for J before A, and then unsurprisingly be stuck with X, Y and Z. Format may have to change there.
I also realised that I’ve only ever written one book review, despite thinking it would be a regular thing and should have its own section. That clearly needs to change, so work to be done there.

That’s where I am at the moment. I’m going to stick with one update a week for now too, though entirely possible that will change if I can build up a body of content.

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