Spelljammer – Random tables

An old Web DM video about Spelljammer got me thinking about random tables, not least because Pruitt has never published the random tables he created for random encounters (please, please, please?).

Basically, I sat down, watched the video a couple of times, had a go at finding Pruitt’s sources, and built some of my own random adventure seed tables. Based on the descriptions in the video, these are nothing like them!
These are just some random generation of encounters – there’s plenty of better ones out there really (see the links at the end) but a fun little brainstorming session.

Some of these nest, so… yeah, this could get confusing. I’ll be trying to pull these into a GMBinder document at some point soon.
I need to convert stuff to d100 (for a start) for a lot of these, but this is just the quick notes I sketched out.

Table A: WildspaceTable B: Phlogiston
1 Ship1 Ship
2 Phenomena2 Phenomena
3 Planetoid3 Unexpected Sphere
4 Spacebeast4 Spacebeast
Roll a d4
Table C: ShipsTable D: Phenomena, WildspaceTable E: Phenomena, Phlogiston
1 Debris, no survivors1 Lone asteroid, uninhabited1 Lone asteroid, uninhabited
2 Debris, lone survivor2 Lone asteroid, inhabited 2 Lone asteroid, inhabited
3 Debris, group of survivors3 Asteroid cluster, uninhabited3 Asteroid cluster, uninhabited
4 Ghostship, no survivors4 Asteroid cluster, inhabited4 Asteroid cluster, inhabited
5 Ghostship, lone survivor5 Storm5 Storm
6 Crewed, friendly6 Nebula, uninhabited6 Rogue planetoid
7 Crewed, hostile7 Nebula, inhabited7 Comet
8 Mid-battle, both crews friendly8 Comet8 Fleet of ships, friendly
9 Mid-battle, one crew friendly, one hostile9 Fleet of ships, friendly9 Fleet of ships, hostile
10 Mid-battle, both crews hostile10 Fleet of ships, hostile10 Fire!
Roll a d10
Table F: PlanetoidTable G: Unexpected Sphere
1 No atmosphere, no ruins1 Explored sphere, mysteriously moved
2 No atmosphere, ruins2 Unexplored, unknown sphere
3 Floating island, uninhabited3 Broken sphere, uninhabited
4 Floating island, ruins4 Broken sphere, inhabited
5 Floating island, inhabited, friendly5 Empty sphere
6 Floating island, inhabited, hostile6 Impossible to enter
7 Planetoid, uninhabited
8 Planetoid, uninhabited
9 Planetoid, inhabited, friendly
10 Planetoid, inhabited, hostile
Roll a d10 or a d6, obvious now really
Table H: Inhabitants, friendlyTable I: Inhabitants, hostile
1 Humans1 Humans
2 Dwarves2 Dwarves
3 Elves3 Elves
4 Pirates4 Pirates
5 Minor race5 Mindflayers
6 Grand alliance!6 Beholders
7 Neogi
8 Unholy alliance!
And now a d6 and a d8

To add to the above, I’ll be looking back at the encounter tables on Spelljammer.org and this Reddit post for more story-based events (and thanks to this post also on Reddit, I’ll be reading through Dragon 39 ‘s Flowfire article too).
That’s for the next post though!

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