Keeping on top of things

In recent months, I’ve been pretty bad at keeping to my regular weekly updates. I’m hoping to get back on track shortly when I have a bit more time, but after heading back to the office at the start of the year, I’ve lost a lot of my free time to commuting!

There’s a lot of reading and writing happening in the background when I have a bit of time to do it. I’m still working on a handful of different projects and I’ve just signed on to what will be my first Kickstarter, once we get going. We’re still very much in the early planning phase, just testing the waters and getting to know each other on the team whilst we collaborate on where to go for each of our individual bits of writing.
The team is fantastic, and when I have a proper thing to set up the announcement, I definitely will. All a bit super-secret at the moment. Very tasty though!

I’ll try to post up some actual content next week – I’ve finally got the chance to play an Eberron game, so of course, I’m going all-in on a warforged artificer for my first dip in the setting!

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