End of the Carnival, Start of Something New

I joined an online game of Wild Beyond the Witchight with players in my locality a few months back. We recently made the switch back to in-person games, and it’s been a little rough. Our DM has decided he wants to take a step back, potentially forever. My harengon archfey tomelock will have to sit and wait in Thither until we maybe pick the game back up.

Instead, one of the other players has decided it’s her turn to run a game. She’d had plans to busy out Eberron-flavoured goodness once we finished up Witchlight, so she’s not just moving forward a few months early.
All I know so far is we’ll be starting out in the Lhazaar Principalities, which I remember from my barely-touched 3rd edition Eberron guide is a coastal area/island group off the coast of Khorvaire.

I’m weighing up my options (and I have a while, we won’t be starting for another fortnight). I think I’ll either rebuild my battlesmith/eldritch knight character and make him House Cannith, or… This seems like a great opportunity to play a warforged artificer? In which case either build a pure battlesmith or armourer.
I need to reread some rules to figure it all out.

I did just learn that Eberron creator Keith Baker says that warforged can definitely manifest aberrant dragonmarks somehow, so maybe I’ll have some fun with that!

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