Writer’s block

I’ve been struggling with some writer’s block recently. I can’t really decide if it’s down to doing too much and running out of ideas, procrastination on things I’ve got notes for but no desire to finish right now, not having a lot of time to write, or some combination of the three.

I took a month off work and told myself I’d do a lot of writing and get ahead on things. I took a couple of short projects to work on too.
I wrote double what I had to for one project, and a bare minimum in the other (which I’d slowly grown to dislike by the end, as writing got to be a chore for it, and the project dragged out a bit).
I wrote the bare minimum for my blog. I wanted to get a couple of posts ahead but I was always playing catch-up it seemed.
And then I have another project due soon that I really need to work on, but can’t seem to get into a flow state for. I think it’s because I pitched a few ideas and the one picked was the one I had the least idea to build on. I’ve ended up yanking stuff from my favourite idea to try and fill it up, but it’s not going to work the same.

Serves me right for not pitching just my strongest idea really.

Anyway, I think it might be the first time I miss a deadline. Not really looking forward to that.

And then I have a couple of my own ideas I could work on solo, but I feel guilty for considering making time for those when I already have a gap in my blog and an assigned word count due.

Honestly, I don’t know how more prolific people do it!

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