W is for: the rest of the World

Africa: United by the African Union, the nations of Africa have come together to build several Pan-African projects, including the continent's own space elevator and a reforestation effort at the edges of the Sahara. Economic ties with Europe and the Americas have slowly been replaced with projects funded by the UN, Asian interests and the … Continue reading W is for: the rest of the World

V is for: Vehicular transport

From the solar array atop the beanstalk, cheap electrical energy is available across the Pacific, with interchangeable, rechargeable batteries powering most vehicular transport, from motorbikes and buses to speedboats and ferries.   Private transport is mostly used by the rich, though autonomous vehicles acting as a taxi service help get individuals from point A to B … Continue reading V is for: Vehicular transport

U is for: UP and DOWN

On a clear day, from the base of the Beanstalk, it's just about possible to see the small object at the top of the tether, known generally as UP. Of course, small is relative. What was once a small, pristine microgravity habitat has extended outwards, with extra habitation and industrial modules added until now the small … Continue reading U is for: UP and DOWN

T is for: Technophoria

Being surrounded by constantly updating technology has long been a difficulty for those still running wetware to keep up with. As hardware and software begin to take over from the human animal on an increasing internal level, much of baseline humanity has begun to know a creeping sensation of obsolescence.     Those who have … Continue reading T is for: Technophoria

S is for: Stardom

From the public vidstreams to the avatar blackrooms on the darkmesh, fame and infamy abound.   Becoming the latest vidstream spokesmodel gives a fleeting pass at fame, having any kind of reputation or ability to maintain a public persona is what keeps it. Corporations have been happy to turn to those with reputation from criminal activities, and … Continue reading S is for: Stardom

R is for: Representatives, the Secretariat, and the Board of Executive Trustees

Elections to the Committee of Representatives are held every two years. They form the largest part of the legislative branch of the Bureaucracy. Representatives are elected based on population sizes - one might work on behalf of a small island out on the fringes of the IICP, whilst another might represent a small neighbourhood in … Continue reading R is for: Representatives, the Secretariat, and the Board of Executive Trustees

Q is for: Quangos

Most quangos were originally set up to move relationships with various Megacorps a step away from the government itself after protests about corruption. They also helped by taking money of the budget. However, many quangos now have a bigger role in the lives of some citizens than the government itself.   The Office of Public Works … Continue reading Q is for: Quangos

P is for: Pills, stims and other illicit materials

Whilst many materials once considered illegal drugs are available for sale and regulated y the government, there's still a thriving black market for narcotics and other unsavoury substances.   Stims are a perfectly legal substance, however their use is strictly regulated to prevent substance addiction. Because of this, pushers carry some at all times, knowing … Continue reading P is for: Pills, stims and other illicit materials

O is for: the Office of Public Works

One of the largest Quangos in the Pacific, the Office of Public Works raises funding and provides grants for artistic works and installations throughout the Islands. The OPW also works with corporations to source new artistic and architectural talent for new construction, and has been responsible for the start of many careers of young artists, … Continue reading O is for: the Office of Public Works

N is for: Nomads

The Nomads travel the open waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and many make their home in the waters of the IICP.   Sailors, fishers, traders, the Nomads are all of these. They follow the currents to catch fish, they seed and farm banks of seaweed, they carry information and new hardware from port … Continue reading N is for: Nomads

M is for: Muses

Muses. Ghosts. Cybersouls. Muses are extremely advanced AI programs, bonded to an individual. In theory, they become an unconscious extension of the individual, a filter for the overwhelming amount of digital information accessed by an individual.   With enough use, the intelligent algorithms can extend beyond consciousness, allowing a person to never fully sleep, as their … Continue reading M is for: Muses

L is for: Lagrange Stations

After ascent of the Beanstalk (or any of its rivals across the globe), the first stop is UPtown. From there, humanity is beginning to explore beyond the cradle. The first stops are the Lagrange habitats. The Lagrange habitats have been built in cooperation between the Megacorps, governments and the UN to provide humanity's first foothold in … Continue reading L is for: Lagrange Stations

K is for: Kathmandu Holdings

In recent times, it seems like Kathmandu Holdings has a stake in everything, everywhere you look, even though it doesn't have the funding of a Megacorps.   Kathmandu Holdings owns a minor share in the Beanstalk, and funded jobs for foreign workers during its construction. They now fund some production of ship parts for future … Continue reading K is for: Kathmandu Holdings

J is for: Justice Department, what is your emergency?

Whilst the Department of Justice incorporates the judiciary, punitive system and investigatory bodies, it is the latter group that makes up the bulk of the Department.   The main bulk of the Department is located in New Pacific City. From the central office, the administration of the various departments and collation of intelligence is run, … Continue reading J is for: Justice Department, what is your emergency?

I is for: Islandhopping

The territory that makes up the IICP is vast, covering many hundreds of natural and artificial islands and floating habitats, straddling the equator in the Pacific Ocean.   The capital city, New Pacific City, stands atop a partially artificial island created through decades of engineering. With the Beanstalk based to the centre of the city, … Continue reading I is for: Islandhopping

H is for: Hardware

Where information travels across the datamesh faster than the blink of an eye, something has to keep it running, something has to help interaction with the vast mass of software. Where the wetware of life's physical bodies is cheap, where injury through accident and malice is all too commonplace, something has to step in to … Continue reading H is for: Hardware

G is for: Gangs

The gangs are a constant thorn in the side of law enforcement, with unending scuffles over territory, protection rackets and drugs often escalating quickly to all out street warfare. Of course the problem's a lot worse than that.  The many vagrants that society now breeds in its youth, the loss of individuality and search for … Continue reading G is for: Gangs

E is for: EVE

For all the sanctions placed on AI research by the UN and the Bureaucracy, the IICP government makes use of an ever-evolving program codenamed EVE. Whilst in most senses not a true AI, the program, or series of programs, that makes up EVE is filled with learning algorithms, and over the last year or so … Continue reading E is for: EVE

D is for: Datawarfare

"He who controls the spice controls the universe." In a fully mesh-networked world, where huge amounts of data traverses massive networks every data, whoever controls that information has all kinds of power. And that's where the trouble starts. With so much information, knowledge and understanding of data control and handling is an important resource. From … Continue reading D is for: Datawarfare

C is for: the Church of the Machine

The Church of the Machine is the living embodiment of the term deus ex machina. They believe in the near future birth of an AI so powerful, it renders current reality moot, and heralds the start of a new age. Whilst plenty of people believe in an impending Singularity event, the Church does all it can to … Continue reading C is for: the Church of the Machine