E is for: EVE

For all the sanctions placed on AI research by the UN and the Bureaucracy, the IICP government makes use of an ever-evolving program codenamed EVE.

Whilst in most senses not a true AI, the program, or series of programs, that makes up EVE is filled with learning algorithms, and over the last year or so new predictive reasoning matrices have made ‘her’ invaluable to all levels of the government.


EVE runs as several autonomous instances of the same set of programmes, periodically compiled into the same asset before being dispersed once more.

EVE is a part of the decision-making processes of the different departments of the Bureaucracy. She compiles and edits reports for members of the Secretariat. She has instances running on several Navy installations and vessels, and even extends beyond orbit to some of the Lagrange facilities.


The baseline for EVE’s code is derived from an earlier AI experiment, codenamed ADAM. Most of the underlying code structure is similar to ADAM, but several safety protocols and security features were added, and are constantly updated over time.

The ADAM program had to be shut down after an emergency security breach from inside the research facility where it was being developed. Whilst it is believed that all of ADAM’s program was erased following the unsuccessful escape attempt, part of EVE’s functions are devoted to scouring the deepmesh looking for any trace of the escapee.

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