F is for: the Five Dragons

The Five Dragons are five of the biggest and oldest Megacorps in existence, and each has a large presence in the Incorporated Islands of the Pacific Commonwealth.

From cybernetic implants to home security security, from groceries to banking, from heavy manufacturing to global communications, the Five Dragons have a controlling stake in most areas outside of government control, and work quite a few lucrative government contracts too.



The Dragon without which the space elevator wouldn’t exist, Solaris specialises in heavy manufacturing, personal and commercial transportation, and of course power supplies.

They developed the process of  phytosteel nanofacturing, through which the Beanstalk was constructed. They own the maintenance contract for the entire structure. And there’s a reason that the IICP Navy ships all have a similar green hue about them.


Fujiwara Systems

Fujiwara, through various subsidiaries, create most of the computing and communication systems used worldwide.

If you’re looking to upgrade your baseline cybernetic implant, chances are it was built by Fujiwara. If you need to build a custom deck before roving the mesh as a black-hat, chances are the parts were built by Fujiwara. If your favourite superstar celebrity just got poached from one of the vidstreams by a rival, chances are they just moved to a different arm of Fujiwara.


Samael Defence Systems

Samael builds weapons, trains and supplies the Department of Defence, and runs private security for celebrities, government officials and many wealthy but private individuals.

Samael security also operates various teams of private datawarfare contractors, making sure that they have trade in both physical and mesh-based defence technologies.


DDE Transport and Shipping

DDE runs the transport of goods and people around the world in a variety of vehicles. They are also responsible for much of the industrial farming needed to provide their goods and services to the billions of people living in the world.

From personal transport in the form of electric bikes and cars, spinners, and motorboats, to commercial transport in the form of monorails, planes, passenger liners and cargo ships, DDE builds and sells them all.

They’ve most recently begin the production of modular components for vehicles and habitats outside the planet’s atmosphere.


Portfolio Investments

Money makes the world go round, and Portfolio handles most of those financial transactions.

An early interest in blockchain monetary systems, as well as having access to stock trading worldwide in all the big blue- and green-chip investments gave Portfolio their start. Now they run the largest private stock exchange in the world, fund many governments and banks, and even have time for private citizens to open their daily accounts, savings, mortgages and pensions.

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