J is for: Justice Department, what is your emergency?

Whilst the Department of Justice incorporates the judiciary, punitive system and investigatory bodies, it is the latter group that makes up the bulk of the Department.


The main bulk of the Department is located in New Pacific City.

From the central office, the administration of the various departments and collation of intelligence is run, with telepresence briefings the norm for most officers of the law.

Incorporated into the Central Dispatch office is the police academy and squad barracks, housing new trainees and seasoned veterans alike.

Special Investigations (White Collar, Homicide and Narcotics, Datacrime), SWAT and the RIOT divisions can also be found in the main building complex, with local division of Interpol has it’s own nearby building .

The Internal Investigations housed in the Judiciary buildings several blocks to the south.


Further afield, the more distant islands might have a minimal police presence, with an elected sheriff and up to a handful of deputies depending on size of population. Those islands nearer to the capital are generally run by small offices reporting directly to Central Dispatch.

It’s not uncommon for the small islands to employ trigger-happy bail bondsmen, or armed bounty hunters and mercenaries in the case of the more dangerous criminals. Rarely, these mercenaries are also used by the Central Division.

The police division in UPtown at the top of the Beanstalk is run by a combination of Justice and Defence departments employees.


Recent advances in algorithmic prediction have allowed the creation of a Precrime division, tasked with tackling potential violent crimes before they occur.

Rumours persist that the division uses more than advanced algorithms.

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