I is for: Islandhopping

The territory that makes up the IICP is vast, covering many hundreds of natural and artificial islands and floating habitats, straddling the equator in the Pacific Ocean.


The capital city, New Pacific City, stands atop a partially artificial island created through decades of engineering. With the Beanstalk based to the centre of the city, and anchored deep into the ocean floor, many different experimental methods were used to connect to the nearest landmass and then to build upwards.

Some parts of the city float, though mostly on the outer periphery. Closer in, deep anchors and continued efforts to move ballast material from the wider oceans to beneath settled areas mean that now, a generation after its initial construction, the city extends for several miles around the base of the Beanstalk.


Many industrial construction habitats are even submersible, designed to continue automated production in the event of severe weather conditions.

The IICP Navy shipyards and Central Training Facility are notable in this regard, able to travel most of the depth of the ocean and move about the surface freely.

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