H is for: Hardware

Where information travels across the datamesh faster than the blink of an eye, something has to keep it running, something has to help interaction with the vast mass of software.

Where the wetware of life’s physical bodies is cheap, where injury through accident and malice is all too commonplace, something has to step in to help even the odds.


Hardware in the IICP can be many things. When the Justice Department cease black market hardware, when Commercial Affairs unpack crates of illegal imports, when the Navy has a shiny new toy to play with, it’s all classed as hardware.


Getting hold of the latest technology can be as easy as heading out to the Souk at the centre of New Pacific City and buying a new vidscreen for your home, or finding a half-decent shop to service the servos in your ancient bionic hand.

If you’re after slightly older data storage and manipulation devices, capable of running the latest hacking or security software but with some serial numbers filed off, then you’d be best off wandering around the night markets that pop up all over the Islands. If you’re after modded cyberware, this is the place to head too. With a little luck, you might even get an invitation to the Floating Market.

What’s the Floating Market? Are you after the latest in military-grade weaponry? Do you need some bespoke data protection software writing? Do you really need to find a brainstack implant with satellite uplinks for constant access? Do you need that in bulk? That’s what you can get if you have an invitation, good for access only until the Market moves.

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