H is for: Hardware

Where information travels across the datamesh faster than the blink of an eye, something has to keep it running, something has to help interaction with the vast mass of software. Where the wetware of life's physical bodies is cheap, where injury through accident and malice is all too commonplace, something has to step in to … Continue reading H is for: Hardware

C is for: the Church of the Machine

The Church of the Machine is the living embodiment of the term deus ex machina. They believe in the near future birth of an AI so powerful, it renders current reality moot, and heralds the start of a new age. Whilst plenty of people believe in an impending Singularity event, the Church does all it can to … Continue reading C is for: the Church of the Machine

Spex and Google Glass

If you've not seen Google Glass yet (seriously, where have you been hiding), it's basically a wearable computer that uses an augmented reality (AR) overlay to show various tasks and options and things.Why is this exciting? You may recall a while ago I wrote a couple of posts about future software, designed to flow into the … Continue reading Spex and Google Glass

More future software

Going back to my future software ideas, here are a few more.Streamers - entertainment softwareThese are the programs that compile the various entertainment suites of today. Watching documentaries, listening to talk radio, Uservid feeds (think Youtube), the latest fashion idol show. They all feed into the Streamer.Using the scrobbler function of the Blackbook, and a basic … Continue reading More future software

Computer-assisted living

I've been thinking about a futuristic setting recently, and specifically about the computer programs available within it. The setting comes from a series of novels, and they're told from the point of view of a deck jockey, a computer programmer, but he makes a point that most of his job is management of various programs … Continue reading Computer-assisted living