K is for: Kathmandu Holdings

In recent times, it seems like Kathmandu Holdings has a stake in everything, everywhere you look, even though it doesn’t have the funding of a Megacorps.


Kathmandu Holdings owns a minor share in the Beanstalk, and funded jobs for foreign workers during its construction. They now fund some production of ship parts for future asteroid mining expeditions.

Kathmandu Holdings owns some of the islands at the far north of the IICP, though they remain undeveloped in any way. A security company is paid to keep away trespassers, but little seems to happen there, and they hold very little value without the potential for development.

Kathmandu Holdings has a number of private houses in New Pacific City, which they rent to low income families at a fair rate.

Kathmandu Holdings has a number of private houses in New Pacific city, which they rent for exorbitant rates to vidstream stars and corporate millionaires and wildly jacked up rates.

Kathmandu Holdings provides scholarships for worthy applicants to the Naval Academy, the Justice Academy, and the Pacific University.

Kathmandu Holdings has a very low share price on the global stock exchanges.

Kathmandu holdings regularly hires short term administrative staff for low level, day-to-day operation of small business ventures. These ventures rarely last longer than six months, turn a small profit and are then shut down. Staff are never hired on to other projects, though they are paid well for their time.

Kathmandu Holdings does not have a physical location, and only appears to exist as an online shell company. It is a parent company to many smaller entities, though investigations into its finances generally come up cold, save for stock investments, small business profits and rental holdings.

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