L is for: Lagrange Stations

After ascent of the Beanstalk (or any of its rivals across the globe), the first stop is UPtown. From there, humanity is beginning to explore beyond the cradle. The first stops are the Lagrange habitats.

The Lagrange habitats have been built in cooperation between the Megacorps, governments and the UN to provide humanity’s first foothold in space after the tops of the space elevators, and other positions in High Earth Orbit.


The Lagrange points used by humanity currently only sit in the Earth-Moon system and the Earth-Sun system.

Whilst all five of the Earth-Moon currently support habitats (Lunas 1 through 5), only two of the Earth-Sun points currently support permanent residents (Sols 1 and 2). Sol 4 and 5 are in production, with Sol 3 at the far side of the Sun currently in the planning stage.


The staging grounds of the Luna stations have allowed the beginning of construction of a permanent presence on the Moon itself, though various security issues, including the terrorist attack on the lunar surface itself a few years ago, have slowed the build.

The same security concerns have drastically slowed production of the Sol 4 and 5 stations.

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