P is for: Pills, stims and other illicit materials

Whilst many materials once considered illegal drugs are available for sale and regulated y the government, there’s still a thriving black market for narcotics and other unsavoury substances.


Stims are a perfectly legal substance, however their use is strictly regulated to prevent substance addiction. Because of this, pushers carry some at all times, knowing that there’s always a steady market for those who have reached their legal limit but need more.

In the same way as stim users, pill poppers have access to their crutch of choice legally but can score more on the black market.


WideAwake is an illegal variant of the normal commercial stim, created by dealers themselves. A distillate of the active ingredient in stims is cut with pure caffeine and epinephrine, and repackaged in a standard stim injector.

Budding techno-shaman across the globe have begun to produce a pill nicknamed Spirit Guide. A cocktail of salvia, DMT, MDMA, psilocybin, and melatonin, the pill is supposed to let the user experience new planes of reality.


Cybernetic augmentation doesn’t exclude a user from the substance abuse.

A digital version of stims in software format hack into a user’s cybernetic neural stack and temporarily overclock its performance.

A computer virus called Deathstrike has been repurposed as a digital drug, causing a drunken, stupefied state to users for a short time. Some users have begun to tinker with the virus code to lengthen the effect, but mistakes have caused lasting effects.

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