O is for: the Office of Public Works

One of the largest Quangos in the Pacific, the Office of Public Works raises funding and provides grants for artistic works and installations throughout the Islands.

The OPW also works with corporations to source new artistic and architectural talent for new construction, and has been responsible for the start of many careers of young artists, now superstars.


Originally a part of the Bureaucracy, the Office was once the Department of Culture. Freedom from the strictures of the government, whilst meaning a loss of definite access to funding, allowed the Office to work much more expansively – many artists were reluctant to work with the government for fear of interference in their work, as was happening in other countries of the world at the time.


The biggest efforts of the OPW to date have to be their work to secure the Olympic Games for the IICP. Whilst plenty of time remains until the Games begin, the OPW has already begun funding works of art to be installed across New Pacific City, and is currently working with the Bureaucracy to choose designs for the various stadiums still to be built.

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