Q is for: Quangos

Most quangos were originally set up to move relationships with various Megacorps a step away from the government itself after protests about corruption. They also helped by taking money of the budget.

However, many quangos now have a bigger role in the lives of some citizens than the government itself.


The Office of Public Works and the Committee for Environmental Affairs are the biggest and most well known quasi-autonomous bodies in the Pacific, responsible as they are for continuing the work of the IICP Department of Culture and Department of the Environment, from which they were formed.

Now better able to work on an international level outside of government, they partner with corporations and indeed other governments around the world to enable their founding mission statements.


Other notable quangos in the IICP include the Committee on Allied Infrastructure, the Fisheries Board, the Agency for Veterans’ Welfare, the Languages Institute of the Pacific, and the Research Commission for Artificial Intelligence.

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