V is for: Vehicular transport

From the solar array atop the beanstalk, cheap electrical energy is available across the Pacific, with interchangeable, rechargeable batteries powering most vehicular transport, from motorbikes and buses to speedboats and ferries.


Private transport is mostly used by the rich, though autonomous vehicles acting as a taxi service help get individuals from point A to B without the public transport system.

The easiest way to do so is to catch a spinnercab. Spinners, named after and inspired by an old movie vehicle, are able to drive along the boulevards and avenues of New Pacific City but also can take off and join aerial traffic. Most spinnercabs are autonomous though some are operated by people.

The Department of Justice also makes use of armoured spinners for the SWAT teams and pick up of street arrests.


In industry, and particularly for loading and unloading of materials at the docks, exoframes have begun to be used.

Solid exoskeletal frameworks that allow a user to vastly increase their manual handling limits, they are slowly beginning to replace forklifts for most tasks.

An armoured modification of the exoframe nicknamed a hardsuit has been developed by the Department of Defence, though the extra weight has also increased power requirements and so hardsuits use small nuclear power cells.

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