T is for: Technophoria

Being surrounded by constantly updating technology has long been a difficulty for those still running wetware to keep up with.

As hardware and software begin to take over from the human animal on an increasing internal level, much of baseline humanity has begun to know a creeping sensation of obsolescence.



Those who have embraced the machine face a different problem altogether.

A new form of technological addiction has been increasingly labelled Technophoria by the media. Characterised by a desire to modify and upgrade the body and mind with more outside factors, new political movements have arisen to fight against it.

The apex of the addiction is the hugely costly total body cyberisation, whereby all that remains of the human individual is little more than a nervous system. Still seen as extremely experimental and with no long-term study undertaken on the effects upon the human mind, those who have managed to undergo the process currently only include test subjects.

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