Ideas for Loge’s Warlock Patron

So I've been mulling this over recently, I never really settled on a patron for Loge. I figured he had no idea he was a warlock yet, made a pact he didn't remember to get out of the City of Brass or something, or was somehow tricked into it for the same reason. But then … Continue reading Ideas for Loge’s Warlock Patron

Loge in Automata

So, we spent the "night" recuperating in the Githzerai monastery. Loge had a dream about a white-furred fox running across a still warm lava field. Probably nothing to worry about there... We agreed to escort our Githzerai expert back to Sigil, along with a bodyguard. They were going to work out their own deal with … Continue reading Loge in Automata

Another New Idea – Hollow World

Ok, another one. That's a pretty bad title, and this is definitely going to be straying into the area of Mahasarpa and other old alternate settings for D&D. So I was thinking again about the idea of alternate Asian-inspired settings and thought of one inside a hollow world, with a sort of Monkey-esque feel to … Continue reading Another New Idea – Hollow World

New Idea – Twixt Flower and Thorn

OK, so here's another D&D idea I've got brewing - yes, there's always too many. I suppose this links up a bit with my Beyond the Pale idea, but whatever. So this game would centre around the Feywild, but be more about the creatures native to it, and the various different courts of the Seelie … Continue reading New Idea – Twixt Flower and Thorn

B is for: the Big One

Nobody predicted the Big One. One morning, shortly before 6am East Africa Time, what had generally been considered a low activity faultline near the East African Rift became suddenly, intensely active. With a moment of magnitude above nine, and with intense tremors lasting for over half an hour, many people across East Africa and parts … Continue reading B is for: the Big One

Loge barely survives Limbo

Ok, so I'm actually writing this a lot later than I normally would, so it's entirely possible that my details are wrong. So, a blue Slaad had just attacked the party and managed to skewer us all pretty handily. Then he called out and summoned a couple of red Slaadi... great! The fight was a … Continue reading Loge barely survives Limbo

Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan II

So where were we? The Tiefling Cleric and the Gnome Fighter left the shops and headed to the pub, meeting up with the rest of the party. The Tabaxi Fighter was trying to cheat people at a game of Liar's Dice and failing, the Human Ranger and the Kobold Warlock were busy drinking, and then … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan II

Loge lost in Limbo

So, on with the adventure! After a series of traumatic rounds of combat (Loge almost died very quickly, despite setting the boar on fire twice), we managed to beat the thing, and carry on our way to the Githzerai monastery. Part of the way there, a Dao slave ship (they're earth-aligned Djinn, and Loge grew … Continue reading Loge lost in Limbo

Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan I

Well, things got off to a shaky start as we had to move play location, and the new place was a little noisy and slow to start. I got the gang leveled up, and added a couple of new players. The full party (and I really don't have enough space for anyone new!) is: Tiefling … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan I

Come Hell or High Water – the fall of Ys

So, session one of my new game. How did that go? Well, we ended up with a pretty mixed party. I thought having the only PHB races available as Human, Gnome and Tiefling would give us a pretty mixed bag - but instead I have a party of five and one of each! A Human … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water – the fall of Ys

In which Loge goes shopping

So, level 3. Time to hit the Grand Bazaar! The party was already in the Market Ward, so it seemed silly to leave before shopping around a bit. But they wanted to go do some other stuff. No problem, I can meet them at the edge of the Hive! During the wander around, Loge bought … Continue reading In which Loge goes shopping

Come Hell or High Water

Well, a shortage of DMs means I've agreed to stick my oar in - time to run a game of the Endless Sea and see where it goes. So far, I know I'm running a session 0 / 1, so going to do some character creation and run the escape from Ys as it sinks … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water

RPGaDay2018 – Day 27 to 31

Final round. FIGHT!   #RPGaDAY - Day 27! SHARE a great stream / actual play It seems like half the planet is excited to watch Critical Role now. I only started watching a few months ago, and I jumped straight into the second campaign rather than the two-year long first campaign. It's a good show … Continue reading RPGaDay2018 – Day 27 to 31

RPGaDay2018 – Day 13 to 19

Onto part 3 / week 3 but I'm still behind! Oh well, it'll get finished eventually. #RPGaDay2018 - Day 13! DESCRIBE how your play has evolved I think the main change has been familiarity with the hobby and what it involves, and going from slow and nervous start to awesome tabletop badass is natural after … Continue reading RPGaDay2018 – Day 13 to 19

RPGaDay2018 – Day 13 to 19

Onto part 3 / week 3 but I'm still behind! Oh well, it'll get finished eventually.DESCRIBE how your play has evolvedI think the main change has been familiarity with the hobby and what it involves, and going from slow and nervous start to awesome tabletop badass is natural after 18+ years.That being said, introductions to … Continue reading RPGaDay2018 – Day 13 to 19

RPGaDay2018 – Day 6 to 12

Well, time for part two of my vague attempt to catch up with RPGaDay 2018. #RPGaDay2018 - Day 6! HOW can players make a world seem real? If a GM has crafts a campaign world, I think its the duty of a player to explore at least a bit of that. But there's also the … Continue reading RPGaDay2018 – Day 6 to 12

RPGaDay2018 – Day 0 to 5

So, despite having flagged it as something to keep an eye out for, I still forgot all about RPGaDay this year. Damn. So I guess I'll just start posting late or something? Can't hurt I guess? Since I've missed a bunch, I'm just going to bunch all the posts together into a week at a … Continue reading RPGaDay2018 – Day 0 to 5

Loge and the Ants’ Nest

So when last I left Loge, he was sat atop the entrance chimney to a Formian nest/city on the Plane of Arcadia. The Lilend of the Infinite Staircase had asked the group to investigate some sort of curse on the Formians, which had made the workers lazy. Well, we'd just found a witness to the … Continue reading Loge and the Ants’ Nest

Names for pubs

I have a note on my phone that I add to every now and then, just with names that appear and I think work for pubs, inns, taverns etc. Not many so far, but here's a few. Genres all over the place. The Owl and the Wolf The Copper Dragonet Old Nag Broken sail Wasp … Continue reading Names for pubs

Finally playing Planescape

I finally found a game of Planescape. And, quite honestly, it is awesome! Now, I might still just be a clueless berk when it comes to Sigil and the Outlands, but I'm hoping to bash my way through some portals and become a real cutter. Yay, Sigilian slang!   So, I'm playing a genasi called … Continue reading Finally playing Planescape