Loge and the Ants’ Nest

So when last I left Loge, he was sat atop the entrance chimney to a Formian nest/city on the Plane of Arcadia. The Lilend of the Infinite Staircase had asked the group to investigate some sort of curse on the Formians, which had made the workers lazy.

Well, we’d just found a witness to the lower levels of the city, when a crocodile sprung out and attacked us. Several missed spells and we finally brought the creature down, after almost losing an aasimar in the process!

The halfling trade ambassador (as he titled himself) had barely escaped with his life thanks to his mercenary bodyguard. The workers were filled with slothfulness, but the soldiers had been filled with a wrath, so they’d attacked all outsiders.

For some reason, we decided to descend the chimney. Below we found winding pathways leading to a lower tunnel and a wild buzzing sound. Descending still further, we found a colossal wasp feasting in a corral of small beetles – presumably some form of cattle.

We failed to sneak past unnoticed.

After a few truly mighty efforts, Loge cursed the beast’s life and threw a smoky ball of force up towards it, battering it’s exoskeleton and damaging a wing, causing it to fall to its death.
I took the stigner as a souvenir!

The next tunnel seemed safe enough, but quickly the sound of clicking and clanking warned of the arrival of Formian soldier caste, in great numbers. After a difficult fight in the narrow passages, one soldier fell and the others paused in their attack.


And then we had to go home!


It was a fun session, lots of stuff going on, some interaction with NPCs and a new PC (Gorgorath the bodyguard), and some hunting down in the darkness.
I did realise the day before the session that Loge bears a remarkable resemblance to the Unsung, one of the dead gods from my Old Crown setting.

Probably a coincidence…

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