RPGaDay2018 – Day 27 to 31

Final round. FIGHT!


#RPGaDAY – Day 27!
SHARE a great stream / actual play

It seems like half the planet is excited to watch Critical Role now. I only started watching a few months ago, and I jumped straight into the second campaign rather than the two-year long first campaign.
It’s a good show and I recommend it. But there are a few other things I listen to as podcasts –

Godsfall – a D&D 5e game about the rise of a new generation of gods, a century after the Godswar destroyed most of the world. It’s a neat show run by some very talented people, but I keep falling behind because I’m listening to other stuff!
Nerd Poker – Brian Posehn et al. get up to no good. It’s a fun show, again with some great talent. I particularly liked his character Damian the priest of Judas. It was a good follow up to Amarth Amon.

And I guess go back to YouTube and watch Chris Perkins if you’re a fan of costumed DMs.

#RPGaDAY – Day 28!
SHARE whose inspiring gaming excellence you’re grateful for

Since I’ve moved to Cork, I’ve been blown away by how great and welcoming the gaming scene here is, and how well managed the process of getting together with people was (although it took well over a month for someone to tell me my webchat was turned off and they’d been trying to contact me).

Basically, Cork gamers, keep on being awesome!

#RPGaDAY – Day 29!
SHARE a friendship you have because of RPGs

Well pretty much my entire friendship circle in Waterford is based upon me spotting a big d20 on a shirt in a supermarket and saying ‘hey guys, do you want to play D&D some time?’
It worked out pretty well.

#RPGaDAY – Day 30!
SHARE something you learned about playing your character

I used to think I didn’t like playing manipulation and politics in games.
Then I played Vampire the Masquerade.

Now I throw in at least a bit of politics or intrigue somehow. It keeps a setting interesting and provides more plot hooks and makes me as a player feel more of an attachment to the setting.

#RPGaDAY – Day 31!
SHARE why you take part in RPGaDay

Well other than it giving me something to consistently blog about, and get me to actually focus on one topic for a change, and make me think about the games I’m playing and what I love about them…
It’s a good way to promote the hobby. People can now search this up any time in the future and see all the cool things we bloggers think about gaming.


And that’s a wrap for this year unless I decide to steal from RPGaDay2017 for blog post ideas (it’s been in my draft posts as something to do since last year!)

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