RPGaDay2018 – Day 20 to 26

OK, now we move on to the WHICH questions –

#RPGaDay – Day 20!
WHICH game mechanic inspires your play the most?

I really like FATE’s tag and compel mechanic for Aspects, and I like to think in terms of Aspects in other games now too. Keeping an clear idea of a primary core of a character at all times is really useful, and it helps that 5e D&D – which is my most-played game at the moment – introduced Bonds and Flaws and the Inspiration mechanic. Easily what I aim for when playing is keeping my actions in line with my core concept, but also doing cool things.

#RPGaDay – Day 21!
WHICH dice mechanic appeals to you?

I like the D&D Advantage mechanic a lot more than I thought I was going to when it was introduced.
I like the idea of wagers in John Wick’s Houses of the Blooded and Blood and Honour.
I’m a fan of the Roll and Keep system and exploding dice as seen in Legend of the Five Rings and 7th Sea. I have no idea if either of those has that in their new rules, but I should take a look.

I remember picking up Qin based about 50/50 on it’s setting and it’s dice mechanic. That was a cool one. Another one I never actually played.

#RPGaDay – Day 22!
WHICH non-dice system appeals to you?

If we’re not being strict, and that use playing cards for resolution – particularly Deadlands. I really like that setting.
If we’re being strict about what we mean by diceless, I guess Amber has always interested me, and Nobilis. But I’ve no experience of them and haven’t really read much about them.

#RPGaDay – Day 23!
WHICH game do you hope to play again?

I’d love if I could play a game in the old Vampire: the Masquerade setting we had back in my university days. London by Night in a game where we ignored the local Camarilla coteries and pretenders and attended a secret Elysiam with the real movers and shakers.
Plus, I did love being a Setite.

I’d love to resolve games that I never got to end, or even that I wanted to know more about.
Neil’s Roman-style D&D game, Bryan’s post-apocalyptic strange magic setting, Demelza’s supervillains game.
Of course, half the love of them was that they didn’t resolve so we didn’t get to learn any more.

I’d really love to play Mage: the Ascension properly. I ran a game once, and always wanted to play it, but it never took off as much as Vampire did.

#RPGaDay – Day 24!
WHICH RPG do you think deserves greater recognition?

I really liked some of the ideas in Alternity. I was new to RPGs, barely into D&D but when I saw a scifi game, I really wanted to play it.
I bought a lot of the books but again it never really took off.

The settings presented in them must have had a following, since they’ve turned up in d20 Modern and even a few 5e hacks.
Yeah, I really liked bits of it.

Oh no, is this another game I have to work on?!

RPGaDay – Day 25!
Name a game that has had an impact on you in the last year

D&D. It’s pretty much all I’ve played, but I’ve met a bunch of new people and it’s really helped me cope with moving across the country and having to establish new relationships and find new friends.

RPGaDay – Day 26!
Your gaming ambition for the next year

Play more games. Maybe actually run one of these settings that’s cluttering up my head.

Unleash the kraken…

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